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Brittany Festival Galway 2024!

Established in 1975, the twinning between the cities of Galway and Lorient, Brittany is the oldest in Ireland and the first between a French and Irish town.

The majority of the Franco-Irish twinned cities involve places in Brittany, due presumably to the close Celtic connections and their geographical proximity.


The concept of twinning exists for many years, and was greatly developed after WWII as a way for neighbours to assure one another that they would never again be torn apart by war. The initiatives were and are led by mayors and by citizens. Over the decades the exchanges have been rich and varied, and reinforced tight friendships and connections.


Between Galway and Lorient, many recall sport and school trips and cultural exchanges. President Michael D Higgins and former French minister Jean Yves Le Drian often talk about their encounters when they were both mayors and Michael D Higgins has attended the Lorient Interceltic Festival many times.


More recently the twinning committees based in Galway and Lorient have been organising gatherings and events to include as many groups as possible, like universities, businesses, artists, sailors, scientists, musicians, etc. As we approach the 50th anniversary we are looking to gather and share stories and testimonies, and asking how to better prepare for the next decades. So we need you and your help!