Lorient Delegation trip to Galway

A delegation from Lorient came to Galway as an official visit. They met different key partners and representatives of Galway City and County Galway such as ATU, University of Galway, Galway Chamber of Commerce, Udaras, Galway City Council, Port of Galway, GTC, WestBic, Portershed, Rossaveal Harbour , Aerogen Dangan

The delegation included the following people:

  • The Mayor – Fabrice Loher
  • Mme Lydie Le Pabic, In charge of tourism, twinnings, decentralised cooperation 
  • Mme Morgane Christien, in charge of education, student life, health, overall admin
  • Mme Palant-Le Hégérat, in charge of Heritage and Culture
  • M Bruno Jaouen, elected Councillor in charge of resources and business development
  • M Arnaud Rentenier, Business Support and Innovation Director with AudéLor (economic development in Lorient) – basically their accelerator and incubator programmes lead person, and Board Member of French Tech (Bretagne Sud)

 As well as  :

  • Jean-Gabriel Samzun, President of the Twinning Committee based in Lorient